Vape Shop and Lounge Franchise – Why Us?

Why Offbeat and Unique?

Help Yourself While Helping Others

When you become an Offbeat and Unique franchisee, you have access to our proven business model and the results of our product testing and research. You will go to work each day knowing that you are personally helping people, and offering your customers only the finest quality electronic cigarette products that exist in today’s market.

Our franchisees are our partners, and as a member of the Offbeat and Unique team you’ll receive initial and ongoing support for your franchise including:

  • Comprehensive Initial and Ongoing Product and Industry Training
  • Distinctive Image and Design
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Access to Quality Product and Accessories from our Preferred Vendors
  • Marketing and Advertising Guidance and Support
  • Proven Sales Tools and Management Plans
  • Industry research and trend reports
  • Brand Recognition
  • Proven Business Model and Operating System
  • Buying Power
  • Pre-opening Guidance
  • Inclusion on our Dynamic Website
  • Social Media Guidance

What makes Offbeat and Unique an appealing and exciting venture?

• Variety: Offbeat and Unique offers a fantastic array of flavors of premium e-liquid: more than 140 constantly updated tastes in a range of strengths will appeal to creatures of habit and connoisseurs alike, driving both initial and repeat business.

• Quality and Selection: The caliber and range of products available at Offbeat and Unique is unmatched by any single storefront we’ve found. Your customers will leave your boutique feeling satisfied that they received a tailored, premium product at a reasonable price.

• Smooth Operations: The day-to-day operations of your Offbeat and Unique franchise are streamlined and uncomplicated. There is no e-Liquid to mix nor worries about where to source your product. We’ve built relationships with various industry wholesalers to provide you built-in, trustworthy options. We only use the best – from the products that we carry to the POS and inventory systems that you’ll depend on each and every day.

• Product Freshness: With our proprietary labeling system, you can feel confident that you’re selling only the superior quality, performance, and taste that is the foundation of our industry .

• Purchasing Power: Volume buying guarantees that each Offbeat and Unique franchise receives the best and freshest products at the lowest possible prices.

• Advertising: Local and/or regional marketing campaigns allow all franchisees to participate in promotions as a group at a minimal cost – an enormous advantage compared to promoting an individual vape shop.

• Location: Each Offbeat and Unique franchisee will be guaranteed an exclusive territory, negating any concern over intra-company competition. We work closely with our franchisees to help identify the optimum site, be it a shopping center, strip mall, or a free-standing structure.

• Training: No experience is required to become a Offbeat and Unique franchisee. Vaping is a revolutionary new industry, and we are prepared to provide you with a thorough pre-opening training program and in-store support at the time of your GRAND Opening. Your Offbeat and Unique Operations Manual is the result of our personal, first hand experience – we have taken best practices from the trial and error in building the business from the ground up, refined and compiled it into this one indispensable resource . It will be your syllabus as you begin your journey as well as your business manual for later reference. If the answer is not within the Operations Manual, we’re just a simple phone call away. We will always be there for you!

• Experience: Many vape shops are already failing in today’s market. Why? Mainly, it’s  because there was no plan.  Like the old saying goes, “people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” At Offbeat and Unique, we did not fail to plan; we spent a full year building business models, educating ourselves on the specifics of the e-cig business and personally testing many, many hardware options and e-liquids before we ever opened our doors.  Add to that the hard-won retail experience of being in business for nearly four years, and you have a well thought out plan that has been deftly executed and further polished by actual, first-hand experience.

Investing in our proven business model will save you thousands of man hours and tens of thousands of dollars. Your Offbeat and Unique Franchise will be up and running in a matter of months instead of the year or more it would take to start from scratch, and your investment should begin to show returns much sooner as a result of it.

This website is not a franchise offering, nor is it directed to any person in any state. It is for information purposes only. An offering can only be made by a Franchise Disclosure Document, which must be registered in certain states. We will not sell a franchise unless our Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered to the purchaser prior to the sale in compliance with state and federal law. We will not offer or sell a franchise unless the franchise offering is registered in the state where the purchaser resides or where the franchise will be located, if required by state law and no exemption applies. Registration in any state or province is not an endorsement by the state or province. The following states require registration or exemption of our franchise offering. Unless and until we have obtained the required registration or exemption in these states, we are not offering franchises to residents of, or for franchises to be placed in, these states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. To find out about our current status in your state, please contact us.


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