I’m New to Vaping – Where Should I Start?

So you’ve decided to start vaping, but the sheer number of options – from tanks to batteries and mods to cigalikes to chargers, not to mention the seemingly endless choices in e-juice and the myriad strengths, flavors and ingredients – is making your head spin. Its daunting, but we are here to help.

Be it online via Offbeat and Unique University or in-person at our Gilbert vapor lounge location with our top-rated staff, we can get you started with the choices that are right for you and your specific, personal needs. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will take as much time as necessary to listen, educate and demonstrate everything you will need to know to be successful in your vaping goals. To help BetTer understand your needs, ask and answer these few questions for yourself:

Why am I vaping?people-i-do-not-know-1388419057CsZ

Are you ready to quit smoking but haven’t had success with other methods? Have you seen people “chucking massive clouds” and want to join the party? Looking for a new hobby? All of these are reasons people have looked to start vaping. Some folks fall into one or more categories or none at all. But by narrowing down the reason, we will have a good idea of where to start.

How long do I plan on vaping?

Whether looking for an alternative to smoking and/or a means to reduce dependence on tobacco or looking for a new pastime, its important to have a timeline in mind when you begin. That is not to say goals and feelings won’t change over time, but having a clear idea of your intention goes a long way towards making the initial decision.

Simplicity or customization?

Are you looking for no-frills, easy to use and maintain means to an end? Maybe something moderately adjustable that will allow you dial in the perfect hit? Or something completely customizable from bottom to top? Each option has its own features and benefits that will appeal to the beginning vaper. Do all of these options look good? You’re not alone – needs and tastes very often develop and evolve over time – its completely normal. Once established, many vapers will carry multiple setups to pick and choose from during the course of a day.

But what does it cost?

The dollars. The clams. The Benjamins. With any new investment, the botttom line is important. We have options from the most basic and cost-effective all the way up to the end-all, be-all setup that will last you fifteen years or more. It all depends on your wants, needs and goals. Rest assured, we will do our very best to make sure you end up with the setup that suits your needs best. Your complete satsfaction is our goal.

OI’m New to Gilbert Vaping – Where Should I Start?k, I’m ready.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what direction you are heading in, browse the rest of Offbeat and Unique University or come down to Offbeat and Unique and let us help you finish the process of getting started with vaping!




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