How Do I Know What Vape Device Is Best For Me?

The sheer number of e-cig mods (Mod? What’s a mod? It’s the industry term for battery or power source. – Ed.) out there can easily overwhelm a beginning vaper.  While we’re not going bore you with any tech specs in this article, we are going to give you information on the different types of mods in order to help you decide on the right one for you. Ideally, the right mod is the one that will meet all of your criteria – size, power, adjust-ability and – ultimately – the satisfaction it brings when used in conjunction with your choice of cartomizer, tank or RDA/RBA.

In terms of size and feel, the cigalike is the e-cig closest in size and feel to a traditional cigarette. It is CIGArette LIKE – or “cigalike”. Many people are drawn to this style of e-cig because of it and the fact that they are readily available at nearly every convenience market. This is both a blessing and a curse, as the market has been flooded with all different levels of quality of products, available nearly everywhere – and unfortunately as well-meaning though they may be, a gas station clerk who is adept at cleaning the slushee machine may not be the best person to give the proper education and support needed for you to achieve your goal of a tobacco-free future.

Thats not to say cigalikes aren’t a viable option – many, many people use them and find they fit their needs completely – with advantages of great size, easy maintenance and pre-filled cartomizers, refillable cartomizers or mini tanks available, you are sure to find a fit for your plans, goals and lifestyle.

At OffBeat and Unique, we carry the G6 by Halo – the cream of the cigalike crop and one of the most popular available. Whether you need the full starter kit, cartos, minitanks or accessories, we have the entire line in an array of options and colors – sure to hit all of your style and performance sweet spots.

Ego or 510-Style 
For an experience that is a little more robust than a cigalike, the midsized Ego or 510 styles have quickly become the preferred setup for beginners and experienced vapers alike. “Ego” or “510”actually refers to the thread style used to connect the battery to the tank, but unofficially has come to mean any narrow, pen-style mod or PV. What attracts vapers to this style of mod  is their combination of battery life, variable voltage/variable wattage and compact size. These mods use tanks that store enough liquid to last you hours or even days of vaping pleasure. The tank easily attaches to the battery to complete the e-cig unit.

The Vision Spinner 2 is a VV mod that has more than enough battery life to get a heavy vaper through a whole day of vaping and then some. With variable voltage from 3.3v – 4.8v it is very popular with folks who want a more tailored vape experience than the static 4.2v that most non-adjustable batteries offer.

Along the same lines in size and power and also very popular, the iTaste VV4 boasts both VV and VW as well as an LCD display with puff counter, ohm meter and voltage/wattage displayed with every press of the fire button. If the generous battery life isn’t enough for you, the micro USB port for pass-thru charging while vaping is another nice touch of this mod.

Sound good? These are just a few examples of vaping options available – come in to any OffBeat and Unique store and see our quality devices today!

Regulated Tube & Box Mods
Tube and box mods are types of advanced personal vaporizer or APV. In general, these mods offer more features and expandability than the Ego or 510-style e-cigs by way of offering more power and longer life via larger batteries, lower firing points, variable voltage and/or variable wattage, LCD screens, and external battery options. “Regulated” means there is an internal pcb (Printed Circuit Board) that does the thinking for you – as you change the voltage or wattage, it adjusts – or regulates – the power necessary to work in concert with the resistance of your coil. Most have a 10-second safety cutoff to prevent the overfiring that can result in burnt coils and overheating batteries.

The advantage of a variable voltage mod is that it gives you the ability to pick whatever voltage you want, allowing you to adjust the quantity and intensity of the vapor. Some of these mods can even attach to a PC or a mobile device for firmware updates.

Examples of current regulated tube mods at OffBeat and Unique are the American made dot MOD and the current Vapresso line. Regulated box mods include 40W & 200W models – every one of them a top performer with looks to match.

Mech Mods
The last type of mod we are going to talk about are the mechanical mods. Primarily used for dripping, mechanical mods are all about power and production. Mechanical means that there is no regulation via a pcb or chip – they are essentially a battery, a coil and a switch – and as such, it is up to the end-user to know how they will work together.

Mechanical mods can be somewhat labor intensive – you will likely want to wrap your own coils on an RBA/RDA – and higher maintenance than a pre-built coil/tank combo, but the end result cannot be beaten. You’ll get your liquid delivered as hot or cool as you like it, bursting with flavor or subtle as a whisper – it all comes down to dialing in the perfect mix of power (Watts or Volts) to resistance (Ohms). There are many coil building and mech mod resources available, and we can give you a push in the right direction and some advice from personal experience . It can’t be overstated – when using a mech mod it is critically important to know how your coils will react to the power your battery produces BEFORE YOU EVER PRESS THE FIRING BUTTON.

So there it is – an overview of all the mod types you are likely to run into. Hopefully, now you’re feeling a lot more comfortable with all of the different options and terminologies, but if you still have questions please don’t hesitate to come into the store to have all of your e-cig questions answered. At OffBeat and Unique we specialize in e-cigs and only e-cigs – we’ll make sure you end up with the mod that is right for you.

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