What nicotine strength should I choose?

“What nicotine strength would you like?” – how the hell would I know?


When first starting out with vaping, one of the most important decisions you will make is will be which nicotine strength to use. It may seem self explanatory, but what does the term “nicotine strength” mean?  The terms “mg” or “%” are used often and refer to the strength content, or nicotine concentration of the e-liquid. Just like the “full flavor” “light” or “ultra light” you may be used to, e-liquids are generally categorized as having a low, medium, high and extra high nicotine level, with a number value or percentage associated with each.

By offering quality e-liquids in a variety of strengths, choosing the nicotine level that matches your current habit or taste is a simple process that we will happily guide you through. In addition to giving you a very personal, customizable vaping experience, this create options to reduce dependency over time, if that is the goal.

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, general practice is to consider starting with a lower strength and working up if needed, rather than the other way around. A good starting point for new users is generally 12mg. With higher nicotine strengths  you may find that you will have some light headedness, dizziness, or even nausea. If by chance you do experience any unwanted effects, simply lower your nicotine strength or the amount you use your device.

Each experience is unique, but please feel free to use the following as a set of guidelines to find your own vaping “sweet spot”.

ZERO – 0mg or 0% e-Liquid

This is nicotine free e-liquid. Some users like to enjoy the habit of smoking, but without the nicotine content making 0mg perfect for precisely that.

LOW – 6mg 0r .6% e-Liquid

This is considered to be low nicotine strength range and is generally suitable for users that normally smoke less than a half of a pack a day of light cigarettes.

MEDIUM – 12mg or 1.2% e-Liquid

This is considered to be regular/medium nicotine strength range and as a guide is generally a good starting point for new users who currently smoke up to a pack a day.

HIGH 18mg or 1.8% e-Liquid

This is considered to be a high nicotine strength range, a possible starting point for pack-a-day smokers of full flavor cigarettes.

EXTRA HIGH 24mg or 2.4% e-Liquid

This is considered to be a extra high nicotine strength range. For a pack-plus a day smokers. While it’s possible to find higher strengths than this, we do not stock nor recomend anything higher than 24mg

Please remember that these are general guidelines and as usual, it really does come down to individual preference – experiment to find what suits you best or ask any member of Offbeat and Unique’s staff for some helpful guidance.


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