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At Offbeat and Unique in Gilbert, customer satisfaction is our primary concern.  That means that we will always do our very best to give you the ultimate in customer service, education, and support, but it also means that we strive to offer only the very best in equipment and e-liquids.  To that end, at Offbeat and Unique, you will only find AUTHENTIC mods, tanks, and batteries, and only PREMIUM e-liquids made in clean room environments in the USA, Canada and Europe.


Come in to our Gilbert vapor lounge to see, feel, and taste the difference at Offbeat and Unique!You may have heard the terms “authentic” and “clone” mentioned and wondered what they mean.  Simply put – “authentic” means that a product is made by either the company that designed it or an authorized licensee.  These products are engineered to exacting manufacturing specifications with a close eye on quality that helps a company earn its reputation and brand-name recognition with integrity.

A “clone” is an unauthorized copy of a device or product.  Clones are knockoffs, copies, or pirated products.  Clones are cheaper in every way, shape, and form.  In many cases, they are plagued with issues.  Though a clone may look and even feel like authentic equipment, clones are made to capitalize on the design and reputation of an authentic, to undercut the originators at the customers’ expense.  In short – they are out to make a quick buck with very little thought given to quality, customer experience, or safety.  Oftentimes, shoddy workmanship and sub-par materials combine to create cheap, inexpensive mods that generally perform poorly and do not last.  What’s more, they can be extremely dangerous.  Copyright laws, patent infringement laws, and intellectual property rights exist for this very reason.  Offbeat and Unique will not be a part of this ongoing problem and hope you will not be either.

Those who make, sell, and buy clones are stealing, plain and simple.



House-made liquids are the bathtub gin of the vaping world.  When alcohol was outlawed in the US during prohibition, people set about making their own.  With little or no training or education and using whatever they could get their hands on, these hobbyist bootleggers made homemade libations of very poor quality that very often were hazardous.  Unfortunately, some house-made e-liquids can share many of these same traits.  With a house-made liquid, there is often no trail of accountability; no sterilization, no record of ingredient sourcing, or training of those who actually make the liquid.  Was it made in a lab, a clean room, or in the bathroom sink of someone’s house?  Was it mixed by someone with a sense of responsibility and integrity or by whoever happened to be scheduled to work for $7.25/hour that day?  Was it tested at any point in the process?  The reality is – with house-made juices – you just don’t know.

Premium e-liquids are made with only the best ingredients: pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and/or propylene glycol and natural – even certified organic – food-grade flavoring in many cases.  They are made in clean rooms in the US, Canada, and Europe, following exacting standards of quality, cleanliness, and safety, using specific recipes and superior ingredients.  This makes it possible for either individual ingredients or the e-liquid as a whole to be spectrometer tested for purity at any point in the process.  By using the best components and maintaining strict diligence in the manufacturing process, you’ll get a consistent flavor, a consistent nicotine level – an overall consistent vape. Premium e-liquids offer satisfaction AND peace of mind.

At Offbeat and Unique, we will never sell ANYTHING that we can’t verify is AUTHENTIC and wouldn’t be comfortable using ourselves.  We urge every vendor that reads this, or hears about this, to stop selling clones.  You are not saving people money… you are selling them crap that is potentially VERY dangerous!  In our opinion there is no such thing as a “good clone”.

Come in to our Gilbert vapor lounge to see, feel, and taste the difference at Offbeat and Unique!

The Offbeat and Unique Team – Written by Mark M.

Offbeat & Unique, LLC

235 E. Warner Road, Suite 101
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