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Offbeat and Unique is well on it's way to becoming the premier cannabis product and device boutique anywhere.

We originally opened as a vape boutique in 2014 in Gilbert, AZ. We only offered high end vape products for individuals that appreciate quality over cheap products. We carried the same standard into our unique flower and concentrate products. In addition, we're constantly on the lookout for new devices, features, flavors, etc  and always strive to find items that are more on the unique side.

concentrate productsOur primary goal is to provide you with the best quality Flower and Concentrate products at reasonable prices. The products sold at Offbeat and Unique will be better quality than the run of the mill items seen at every other shop. We vet all of our manufactures and distributors (with some of the best names in the industry) so we're confident that you're getting a quality product for your hard earned dollars. We're always here for you and will assist as a liaison between you and the manufacture when it comes to any warranty issues (very rare) and we offer full support after the sale.

Marijuana has come a long way in the last decade. It almost feels weird to be able to possess, what seems like a TON! As long as you can posses it and are not operating your auto, life's good.

There are so many options, it would take quite an effort to just write about a fraction of what's available. Everything from beverages, edibles, tinctures, additives, gum, candies, the good old fashion marijuana brownies, but still to this day the most enjoyed and preferred method of enjoying marijuana, is by smoking it. No matter what your preference is, there is a device for smoking the Ganja that is just right for you.

The Good Ole Fashion Joint

Sitting down with a small tray, grinding the bud, gathering it into a nice even pile, scooping it up and pouring it into a paper. Now that is the easy part, at this point some people can effortlessly make the most beautiful jointsflower concentrate products and others, well... you know what I'm talking about. Joints are simply marijuana rolled into a paper (hemp or rice) and then smoked for pain relief, as a sleep aide, to assist with your appetite, anxiety/stress or for simple enjoyment. Joints are also called blunts, doobies, marijuana cigarettes, stogies and many other names.

Ohhh, The Various Types Of Pipes

This category is by far the most diverse when it comes to the selection of devices. Pipes are typically cylindrical/tubular devices with a bowl on one end in which you pack herb. Then light and draw through the mouthpiece on the opposite end to inhale and enjoy. There are a few different materials that you will find that are used in making CBD / marijuana pipes. You will find them in many different styles.

Common Pipes

Metal - Metal pipes work well for smoking weed and will get you the high that you are after. However for most weed connoisseurs it is not the preferred material. There are many reasons for this.

Including that it is often found to not have a clean taste to the herb. To many people this is one of the factors that they like the least. Another reason is that metal burns much hotter. This can lead to your flowers burning much faster than in pipes made out of material such as glass. Not to mention burning your finger while enjoying your ganja is never fun.

On the other hand though metal pipes offer the ability to break the pipe into several pieces, which makes cleaning much easier. This ability also allows smokers to customize different pieces, as they like. Metal pipes typically also require an additional accessory to prevent you from swallowing your weed while smoking. These are called screens. They go in the bottom of the bowl. These screens are often some form of metal as well.

• Glass- Glass pipes are one of the most common types of smoking pipes used for marijuana. Glass pipes do not mess with the taste of your weed. Also they do not burn too hot. Both of these factors allow you to enjoy your herb that much more. Glass pipes are available in many different colors, shapes and styles. This allows smokers to pick out unique pieces for their smoking enjoyment.

Glass pipes for smoking Ganja or CBD flower do not require screens in the bowl for smoking. Alternately they are created in a manner that the bowl’s opening is just wide enough for smoke to pull through without your precious flowers coming through as well. Glass pipes cannot be taken apart for cleaning purposes. They are not very difficult to clean, as they make special cleaners and plugs that make life easier. With a little time, love and care they will look like new. But smoke with caution as they are not very durable! One drop and you're visiting the shop at Offbeat and Unique.

•Wood- Wood pipes have been around for centuries and if you’re a true authentic hippie from the era, you probably have your valued piece still in use today. Wood pipes are very durable, do not heat up excessively and provide a clean smooth buzz. Wood pipes tend to be a much smoother smoke because more of the resin or tar sticks to the wood then it does in metal or glass pipe models. Wood pipes can easily be cleaned with pipe cleaners. The most important thing to remember is not to soak the pipe in water or cleaner directly for any long period of time.

Other material that is found in making of marijuana pipes is stone, clay, ceramic and bamboo. It is highly encouraged NOT to use any form of pipe made from aluminum, as there are negative side effects.

Other Device Styles

• Steamroller- A steamroller is a pipe that is cylinder in shape and open on both ends. The bowl is located on the top and very back location of the roller. When smoking you cover one end completely with your hand while pulling smoke into the chamber from the other. Once the chamber fills with smoke, you then remove your hand and inhale the smoke within the chamber. Then simply pass and repeat.

• Bubbler (aka Bong) - A bubbler is similar to a pipe but incorporates the use of water within the device and smoking process.

• One Hit Wonders/ One-Hitters- A ganja pipe that is very small in size and the bowl is only large enough to pack enough herb for one very good hit. Other types of pipe like devices that are used to enjoy the herb are bongs and hookahs. If you have ever smoked out of either they speak for themselves and if you haven’t, just try it. You will not be disappointed!

Check out this link to see some really cool "unique" products that you won't find just anywhere. The creativity with cannabis products and devices is just beginning and sure to get better.

Some Interesting Cannabis History  (from Greencamp)

I really enjoyed reading this article and thought, why re-write this,, (it's history and very well written) when I can just give credit where credit is due (find the direct link below).

Cannabis has been used throughout the ages by many ancient civilizations and while the longevity of the relationship between humans and marijuana is already pretty much common knowledge among cannabis aficionados, the precise details are still relatively unknown, especially for the younger generations of weed smokers.

The history of marijuana is actually quite entertaining, so if you enjoy the calming feel-good effects of this incredible plant, you should definitely set aside a few minutes of your time to get to know your favorite photosynthetic organism a bit better.

For those who are uncertain, or even strictly oppose marijuana consumption for both medicinal and recreational purposes, perhaps a glance through the entire history and all the different cultures and nations who benefited in profound ways from the use of this plant will help change their mind, because the entire concept that cannabis is some kind of a devious substance is essentially completely modern, and entirely unrealistic to say the least.

Cannabis plants first evolved in Central Asia, particularly in the regions of today’s Mongolia and Siberia.

Evidence suggests that cannabis was grown by humans for 12,000 years, which makes it one of the oldest cultivated crops in the entire history of mankind.

Once first civilizations got established, China was the main cultivator of the region and around 6000 B.C. many of its numerous provinces heavily relied on the cannabis trade and production.

Different kinds of marijuana were needed and used in old China, and the first uncovered records of the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes dates around to 4000 B.C.

The legends of the Chinese people depict Emperor Shen Nung using marijuana as a medicine in 2737 B.C., for rheuma, gout and other similar ailes.

But the hard evidence of Nungs existence is still scarce to this day, so it’s still somewhat unclear if he was a mythical or a historical figure.

Scorched cannabis residue was uncovered in the Siberian kurgan burial mounds that dates around the year 3000 B.C., and the burial tombs of high officials had mummified psychoactive cannabis in the Xinjiang area of China, somewhere around 2500 B.C.

At approximately year 2000 B.C., Korean seaside farmers who were in contact with the Chinese, brought the plant to Korea, where it slowly started to spread throughout the nation.

Between 2000 and 1000 B.C., the Koreans were frequently attacked by the Aryans (who were a Indo-Iranian people), and they carried cannabis to India, where it quickly became broadly popular.

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