Vaping in the Sky – TSA Regulations on Electronic Cigarettes

Vaping in the Sky – TSA Regulations on Gilbert Electronic Cigarettes
Looking out the airplane window, you’re bound to notice some clouds.  Before you pull out your set-up and try to show them who’s boss, you may want to read a bit on the current regulations.

According to the TSA, you are permitted to carry an e-cig on the plane with you (and ONLY in your carry on luggage, they are not allowed in checked baggage), however, there are some rules for it. Obviously, as e-liquid is, well, liquid, you have to follow some guidelines for all liquids on a flight:

  1. All liquid must be in 3 ounce or smaller bottles
  2. These bottles must be in a 1 quart clear plastic zip-top bag
  3. Each passenger is permitted 1 bag

Using an E-cigarette of any kind on an airplane is prohibited.  THERE’S NO GREY AREA!  There have been some notable vapers saying that with proper stealth techniques you can get away with vaping on a flight.  Do you really want to be responsible for a flight diversion though?  The fine that comes with that is a hefty sum.

Mods and batteries should be taken apart and easily accessible.  Keep all of your parts with any other electronic devices you have, and in clear plastic bags.

Not everyone is aware of what an ecig really is, and on a flight after being caught using one is probably one of the worst times to try to explain it.   Someone who catches a glimpse of your device may assume it’s something more sinister than it really is.  Even if no one sees you with it, vaper can be hard to hide, as well as the scent of blueberry cheesecake at 30,000 feet.

Airports have individual regulations on where you can use your device, so check with the airports you’ll be using.

If you have a grenade-style ecig, it’s probably best if you don’t take that one with you.

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