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Since 2013, we have maintained a solid reputation in Gilbert, AZ by offering "Offbeat and Unique" products to address wellness from different angles. Our mission has always been laser focused on encouraging our patrons to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

  • Vape Products (quit smoking) - Our team has personally helped over 10,000 people quit smoking by transitioning them to a 95% safer option with vaping. Our success is driven by 2 things, 1) Using superior authentic vape hardware and 2) Selecting only lab created/tested American made e-liquids (you do get what you pay for). We're also proud to say that over 35% of those that quit smoking, have also gone on to be nicotine free, and with more happening every day. We take underage sales very serious (2 - no purchase undercover ops). If you're under 40, please have ID, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • CBD Products - Hundreds upon hundreds have been helped with various pain issues, anxiety, sleep problems, and more. We're here to educate you on what CBD is and how it might help you. In general, please be very careful when purchasing any CBD products, as there are a tremendous number of con-artists out there selling inferior products, some without any CBD at all. Ask questions and know your source.
  • Oxygen Bar - Our oxygen bar is being used more every day! With the COVID mask mandates, people are experiencing various issues like feeling light headed, headaches, body aches, sluggish and nauseousness.
  • Medicinal Cannabis Products and Devices - Quality cannabis products is another area where we shine. We serve an older generation (oldest customers are a husband/wife at 82) of medicinal cannabis customers that may feel slightly intimidated when walking into a traditional smoke shop. We have a smaller selection of cannabis products, but they are some of the most popular when it comes to ease of use and quality. Something our clientele appreciates and is the leading reason we are referred by so many.
  • Organic Coffee and Tea Bar - It's been in the works for some time, but we're slowly opening our all Organic Coffee, Espresso, Tea, Herbal Tea and Hot Chocolate Bar. Following our long history of only carrying the "best of the best" products, why would we do anything but an ALL organic beverage selection? There really is a difference in generic vs organic and the overall price is generally negligible. Taste for yourself and you'll understand. If you've never tried Death Wish Coffee, you're in for a real eye opening experience, literally!

Our promise to you is to help you find the very best option(s) for your particular need(s) and always being there when you have a question or issue. We ask you to promise us to always let us where we can shine a little brighter, we're always open to new ideas.

If you've never been to our boutique, here's what you can expect:

We invite you to experience a unique way of looking at wellness. It's always our job to WOW you from your initial visit and each one after. Your first impression of Offbeat and Unique will only fully start when you walk through the door of our wellness boutique and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere first hand.

  • You will always be properly greeted by one of our wellness associates.
  • After the introduction, she/he will start by asking a few basic questions.
  • With your information, a few recommendations will be made.
  • Next, we'll guide you through and explain why our suggestions may be advantageous to you based on previous successes.
  • By this point, you're now better prepared to make an informed and educated decision.
  • Once you have made your choice, our wellness associate will sit with you, provide the right individualized education and present a few options on how we can further assist after the sale.

We are committed to your success and with the right desire on your end and support on ours, you will stand a much better chance of obtaining your personal goal(s) and we look forward to celebrating them with you!

Our team has spent the last 7 years developing proprietary methods to help customers with finding alternatives to pain, inflammation, anxiety, quit smoking, quit vaping, headaches, hangovers, jet lag, enhancing your breathing, sleep issues, quality beverages and more.

It's genuinely our mission to get you engaged in a more healthful way of life.

Thank you for putting your trust in Offbeat and Unique, we hope to meet you soon!