What is Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage?


Volts and watts and ohms – oh my!

If you are like most new vapers, your head is likely spinning trying to comprehend this strange new world you find yourself in. Nicotine strengths. Tanks. Atomizers. Batteries. VOLTS AND WATTS AN OHMS? I’m not an electrician!

Take a deep breath – its not that difficult.

In a nutshell, a VV(variable voltage) and/or VW(Variable Wattage) mod is simply another way to customize your vaping experience. When you go up in wattage or voltage, you are really just adding heat. More power = more heat. Heat and how it is applied can result in a hotter, thicker, more intense vape. The resistance (Ohms) of the coil determine how much of that power can flow at a given time. The higher the Ohms, the more resistance or restriction there is to the electrical current. That’s it. You can accomplish this with either volts or watts, although they work in slightly different ways. At Offbeat and Unique, we carry mods that are variable voltage, variable wattage or even BOTH!

Probably the easiest way to illustrate the differences is with an automatic vs. manual transmission analogy. Lets take a look at the differences:

Variable Volts (stick/manual transmission)

– On a typical starter battery, VV options range from roughly 3.3 to 4.8v. With this flexibility comes a bit of responsibility – you’ll need to check the resistance (ohms) of your coil and account for it. Like a manual transmission, VV allows you to get the exact amount of power you want at the instant you want it. It is a direct line to the intensity you want, but it must be used with a good appreciation and understanding of your tank and how it works, specifically the resistance  (ohms) of your coil. Too much too fast will spell trouble for your coil and your overall experience.

Variable Watts (automatic transmission)

– VW allows you to change the intensity while maintaining the same flavor. Much like an automatic transmissions will make smooth and seamless change in speed, in VW mode, the mod will automatically adjust the voltage based on how much wattage you apply, giving you a consistent taste while changing intensity.

Generally, it is best start at a lower voltage or wattage and work your way up to the desired level. You may want to change your VV/VW setting depending on nicotine strength or flavor or even go with a lower or higher-resistance coil – that’s completely normal.

Again, these are simply more options you’ll use to dial in optimal satisfaction to ensure your success.  Whether you choose VV or VW, it is always best to start lower and work your way up – something that will both allow you to get a firsthand feel for how the changes affect the vape and keep you from burning up coils.

Still feeling unsure? Come by Offbeat and Unique in Gilbert and we’ll be happy to give you a hands-on demo to make absolutely sure you are comfortable with using your Variable Voltage, Variable wattage or mechanical device.

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