What’s The Difference Between Marijuana Flower And Concentrates?

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Cannabis Concentrate

Concentrates come directly from the flower and they are created by different extraction methods! Lets touch on a few of the most common ways cannabinoids are extracted!

Butane extractions is a common way of extracting cannabinoid crystals from the plant by using a combination of cold and pressure to push the crystals from the plant turning it into “BHO” this process is VERY DANGEROUS!!

Same concept as before instead of using butane the process is done with propane to create “PHO” also to note these are not the final process taken to properly clean and refine the product for consumption. Now onto two other ways the crystals are taken from the plant and use a little more elbow grease!

Dry sifting is used to create what is called “Kief” . The plant material is either ground up or shaken on screens causing the crystals to break off the plant itself!

Full melt extraction works in a similar fashion as the dry sift instead this time you use ice water and a series of screens at different micron levels creating a solvent free product!

Now that we have covered a few different ways the cannabinoid crystals can become a concentrate let’s talk about the different consistencies!

Shatter is frequently produced by two of the processes above “BHO” and “PHO” shatter normally contains the highest amount of cannabinoids at the end product and normally looks like “glass” where it gets the name from.

Crumble is another consistency that comes from the “BHO” process. Crumble is not like shatter in the looks department but in the flavor and strength department crumble is right up there with the best shatter. Crumble is still very fragile to handle in it’s own way so do use caution.

Wax is another consistency that is very hard to manage or to store made from the “BHO” and “PHO” processes. Wax is like a honey consistency so you could imagine how that is to deal with without a bottle. Sap may look like shatter, but it is definitely more like a tiny chocolate on a warm day when heat is applied to this consistency it makes it very hard to manage just like wax. Pull and Snap is like a good taffy when you get the amount you want you can just do what the name is “Pull and Snap” and bam no muss no fuss Just don’t get it too warm!

Budder is one of the most sought after concentrates on the market due to it being very potantant up to around 90%THC and 99% purity and from the name you can kind of guess, it looks like butter.

Now that all of that is out of the way for the concentrate side now let’s dig into the flower! This should be a little easier to explain seeing that there are mainly three types of flower.

Cannabis Flower

The sativa side of the marijuana flower is normally lighter green in color; it is a tall and lean plant with long and narrow leaves. This type of flower will get you a more energetic and euphoric feeling.

The indica plant is normally a darker green with shorter and denser buds having short and wide fan leaves. This type of flower will get you more of a relaxed feeling, more of a “body high” then sativa more used for nighttime.

Hybrid while this plant can vary in color and leaf type. This type of flower tries to get the best of both worlds from both the sativa and indica flower! Now the good stuff, what’s the difference!

So to put it very plain and straight to the point, Concentrates can achieve around 3-4 times the amount of THC compared to “flower” and you have to almost always use a butane torch, quartz nail, and a rig, or a electronic vaporizer made for concentrates. “Flower” on the other hand can be simply smoked with a rolling paper or your preferred pipe! Now that being said concentrates are not for everyone and neither is flower some prefer edibles now that is a different topic all on its own!

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed what I have to share!

Written by Barry Hurt – September 2020

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